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Today I’m starting a new series where I review some of my favorite and most used pieces, starting with the Hermes Clic H Bracelet. I got this bracelet preloved and received it as a very generous birthday gift from my amazing mother (though I felt I had to contribute since frankly it is quite a large sum for a bracelet). Okay let’s get to the review!



Hermes Clic bracelets are some of the brand’s most popular and iconic jewelry pieces. They come in the narrow Clic H style or the wider Clic Clac H style. Both feature a colored enamel band framed with a metal lining and H logo, plated in yellow gold, rose gold, or palladium (silver-toned). Both styles come in the PM size, which is 6.3” in circumference, or the GM size, which is 7”. Mine is the Clic H PM in the color Bleu Indien. Brand new this retails for $600 while the Clic Clac H is $660. Hermes is known for their wide range of vibrant colors, and their enamel bracelets are no exception! While neutrals such as black or white are always easy to style, I feel the bracelets are dainty enough that a bright color can act as a statement piece to add a fun, yet understated pop of color to any look. I debated going for black with silver since it’s a neutral tone and I tend to wear mostly silver jewelry, but I decided life is far too short to not pick your favorite color and mix your metals! I couldn’t be happier with this color combo – the classic yellow gold really complements the rich teal enamel and, in my opinion, is wearable for all seasons.


Wear and Tear

I’ve tried to take some closeups to capture the wear and tear on the hardware, namely on the H logo and the bottom hinge of the bracelet. I received this bracelet essentially brand new with the protective stickers still on and have worn it every day for around 4 months. I only take it off to shower since I’m paranoid about my violet hair dye staining the enamel, but I’m sure not too many of you would have this problem. While the enamel is pristine, the wear on the gold hardware is definitely noticeable. This was something I was fully aware of when I purchased the item. Countless online reviews note how easily and quickly the metal scratches, and when shopping the preloved market almost all the pieces had scratches. It was pretty gutting to see the first scratch I put on this bracelet, but now I don’t really mind. As they are only small hairline scratches, it’s not very noticeable from a distance and I’ve accepted it’s just the nature of the piece.

Buying Preloved

$600 is a lot for a piece of fashion jewelry, so you may decide that going the preloved route is the choice for you. I looked on websites such as Fashionphile, the RealReal, Vestiaire Collective, Tradesy, and Poshmark. For the first 3 websites, I would have been comfortable purchasing without any authentication. This is not to say that the last two websites sell fakes, but I would proceed with more caution. However, one plus to Poshmark and Tradesy is that you can bargain on price. I was able to get this piece new (without the box or receipt) for $450 and then paid $20 for authentication from Real Authentication. If you’re at all apprehensive about buying preloved, I would 100% recommend getting your piece authenticated by a third party before purchasing.

If I had to pick just one preloved website to shop from, I would definitely pick Fashionphile for convenience and peace of mind. I have lots of options for Hermes bracelets on their site linked below!

Also a side note – I learned that the S engraved on the inside of the hinge shows that this item was purchased in an Hermes sale. Apparently they have these each year and no, tragically, Birkins and Kellys are not included.

Is It Worth It?

Yes and no. I adore my bracelet and would not trade it for anything. That said, being a student with a part time job I’m very happy I didn’t buy this brand new. Quite honestly, even if I had more financial freedom, $600 is still a pretty staggering amount. That’s the price of a full-sized wallet from many designer brands or the price of a handbag from contemporary brands. Especially since the piece will inevitably get scratched, in this case I feel that buying preloved is the way to go. However, I will admit there is something special about the in-store experience, so if you’re lucky enough to have an Hermes near you and have the means to buy it brand new – more power to you! If you’re someone who cringes at the idea of your piece getting scratched up, I’d suggest trying Hermes jewelry with less hardware, such as their leather bracelets. The thing that makes up for the price tag (apart from the beauty and prestige) is cost per wear. As I said, this is a daily jewelry staple for me and I think that no matter what color or metal you go for, you can wear it with any outfit. So, my final recommendation would be to buy the piece preloved and rock it every single day!

Hopefully this has helped any of you who are thinking of purchasing this lovely piece. I’ve posted some links below where you can purchase your own Hermes bracelet. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk to you soon!

xoxo, Emm







To buy brand new: order from Hermes

Fashionphile links: burgundy and gold, orange and gold, black and gold, red and silver, blue and silver

More preloved options: at The RealReal, at Tradesy, at Poshmark, at Vestiaire Collective


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  1. Thank you for a thorough, candid and helpful review of this lovely piece of jewelry. I love your unique and honest opinions.
    Love 💕

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