What I Got My Mom for Mother’s Day 2018

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re having a great week so far! I know it’s a bit early to be thinking of Mother’s Day gifts, but I really loved what I got my mom this year and wanted to share it well ahead of time so you have time to order it if you love it too. I also have to say a huge thank you to my mom for letting me ruin the surprise early so I could take some pictures with her (but don’t worry, she’ll still be getting a card and a girl’s day out when May rolls around).

I love the idea of getting my mom jewelry, but I always have to keep in mind that, as a radiologist, she scrubs in and out for procedures often and has to keep her accessories out of the way. With this in mind, I was in the market for a simple cuff-style bracelet that wouldn’t jangle around and that would be easy to get in and out of. This infinity knot cuff from the brand Brother and Sisters is minimalistic and convenient without compromising on beauty. It came elegantly packaged in a black box and velvet bag. The quality feels great – the piece is smooth and shiny with a substantial weight to it. As far as shipping goes, it wasn’t unreasonable but also wasn’t the fastest which is why I wanted to share this piece a month in advance from Mother’s Day. It took around 10 business days for my order to be processed, but after it shipped it barely took 2 days to reach me. The brand is also very responsive via Instagram direct message and via their online support chat.

When it comes to pricing, I do think that it’s pretty steep for fashion jewelry. The good news is I have a discount code for you! Use Styled_by_emm30 at checkout for 30% off. I find the discounted price well worth it considering the look and quality of the item. I know there are a lot of knot cuffs out there especially on sites such as Etsy, and I did check them out, but none of them had exactly what I wanted. Some of them were too thin and flimsy looking while others had a very open knot structure. It all depends on your personal preference, but I definitely prefer the tighter, more solid look of this knot. It comes in three different metal colors, but I chose this one to go with my mom’s silver watch.

With its minimalistic look, the bracelet looks great on its own or as an addition to your wrist stack – I love it with both my watch and my Hermes bracelets. I know some people stick to more coordinated wrist stacks, but I say screw it because life is too short and jewelry is too expensive to not mix your metals!

This bracelet is a lovely way to show your infinite love for your mom. Plus, if you like it as much as I did, you can always get another one so you two can have matching jewelry. If this piece doesn’t fit you or your mom’s taste, there’s a huge selection on the website ranging from earrings, to bracelets, to necklaces. That’s all I’ve got for you this week. Happy shopping!

xoxo, Emm


Visit Brother and Sisters here and use Styled_by_emm30 for 30% off!

Infinity knot cuff

Hermes Behapi bracelet: at Fashionphile, at Fashionphile

Hermes Clic H bracelet: at Fashionphile, at Fashionphile, at the RealReal, at the RealReal


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2 thoughts on “What I Got My Mom for Mother’s Day 2018

  1. Em, thank you for this special and meaningful post. The bracelet is absolutely beautiful, and elegant and I love it. It goes well with all my outfits. I love how it is shiny and the cuff style bracelet for its ease to put on and take off. The special bonus is the infinity knot that speaks loudly about your love for me that I can feel deeply. You clearly put a lot of thoughts in finding a gift that has both beauty and meaning. I truly appreciate it. You are beautiful, kind and thoughtful.
    Love you always. 💕

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