About Me

Hi! I’m Emily,

and thanks for checking out Styled by Emm. A bit about me – I’m a Russian-speaking Vietnamese girl finishing up my degree in art history with dreams of one day becoming a doctor. In the meantime, I try to balance my studies with an active lifestyle and my love for fashion, namely luxury handbags. My fashion Instagram account (@styled_by_emm), where this all started, was created in January 2017, but I still found myself wanting to take the leap to creating a fashion blog, so here I am!

I love mixing luxury handbags and accessories with highstreet fashion and trying out new beauty brands, as I’ve just begun my journey in exploring makeup. I never like getting too stuck in one look, so you’ll be seeing a mix of classy, casual, and edgy looks. I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about me and my personal style and gain some inspiration along the way!

xoxo, Emm